Building powerful connections.

In a world exploding with exceptional technologies, strategic relationships inside and outside your organization will ultimately give you the edge.  Hiring a dedicated steward to focus on building and leveraging these relationships is smart business today.

Dana Boyle

The word Nexus means "coming together." Nexus2Nexus stands for the integration of multiple networks.  Based on the emerging discipline of Community Engagement, Nexus2Nexus was formed as a consulting practice dedicated to a key aspect needed for fueling new growth.  Its aim is to help organizations and individuals reach deeper to identify and develop strategic new relationships that will measurably advance their mission.

About the Founder
Dana Boyle

Networking Workshops

The topic of strategic networking makes for a highly interactive workshop. In a guided format, participants engage in simple yet profound exercises to map their existing "circles of influence."  Assuming responsibility for managing their own network, they then learn how to leverage their most influential contacts and identify how to strategically build on them, for their own benefit and that of their organization.  These workshops are adaptible to varying audience sizes and length of time, and are effective at drawing together teams by showing the power of diversity.

Dana Boyle

Public Speaking

"Building & Leveraging Your Circles of Influence" is a topic that applies equally to large corporations as it does to small practices. Professionals at all levels can benefit from dedicated efforts to fine tune their networking skills - whether in person or via social media. Nexus2Nexus founder, Dana Boyle, adapts her philosophy to each audience and outlines the value of connecting diverse people for a common purpose. She then shows how individuals and organizations can apply the principles that she has mastered.

Dana Boyle


Roundtables and other platforms for engaging well-defined cohorts of key individuals can be highly effective in empowering individuals, strengthening teams, developing new business, changing the tone of an existing community or industry dialogue and even raising funds. It is uniquely powerful when such mechanisms bring together people who benefit so greatly from connecting regularly, that this becomes one of their top professional highlights.